What It's Like to Spend Two Weeks in a Girl Gang Motorcycling Around Brazil

Recap the badass L'équipée women's road to beauty.
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Ludovic Ismael
Created by Marie Claire in partnership with Dove Recap the badass L'équipée women's road to beauty.
Ludovic Ismael
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Day 1: Sun and Samba in Rio
Before the girl set on on their journey across the country, they spent a day enjoying the beautiful beaches and energetic nightlife in the city of Rio. Here, they attempted to dance Samba, joined a beach volleyball game and spoke to a legendary Brazilian hairdresser about the true meaning of the word "diva." Read more about the girls' day in Rio.
Ludovic Ismael
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Day 2: Fashion School and Plastic Surgery in the Hills
After leaving Rio, the L'équipée women visited a fashion school in a small hillside town. Then, following a group sewing class, two split off from the rest of the girls and met with Dr. Paulo Müller, one of the country's leading plastic surgeons, to discuss how common such surgeries are in Brazil. Read more about the girls' day in the hills.
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Day 3: Colonial History in Tiradentes
The girls' journey took them next to a small colonial tourist town called Tiradentes. Historically, the Portuguese Monarchy came to the town to capitalize on the abundance of gold, placing oppressive taxes on the townspeople and instigating a local liberation movement called the Minas Gerais Conspiracy. Read more about the girls' day in Tiradentes.
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Day 4: Dining with the Locals
In Tiradentes, the L'équipée group had the opportunity to cook their own lunch packed with delicious local ingredients with native chef Tanea Romao. Tanea, for her part, has made a name for herself by rediscovering old recipes lost through the generations and giving them new life, and, despite language barriers, she communicated with the girls seamlessly through a love of food in the kitchen. Read more about the cooking lesson here.
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Day 5: Structural Beauty in Ouro Preto
During a quiet day on the streets of the small historical town Ouro Preto, the women of L'équipée discovered local shops, architectural beauty and the true extent of Brazilian humidity. Read more about the girls' day in Ouro Preto.
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Day 6: The Plantation Women
The next day brought the girls to a strong, beautiful community of women in the small rural town of Noiva de Cordeiro. Here, they learned that the local women work hard and consistently support one another–and they ensure each others' hands always look good, thanks to collective manicure sessions and important beauty lessons. Read more about the plantation women and their love of beauty.
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Day 7: A Family Within the Casarao
Before they left Noiva de Cordeiro, the L'équipée group enjoyed a traditional teatime in a "casarao," a house within the community in which the locals gather and spend time together. With heavy hearts, the girls bid farewell to the small, close-knit town, and continued on their quest. Read more about the town and its history.
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Day 8: Muddy Day at the Spa
To relax after a long, 500km ride, the group stopped at the famed Araxa mud baths in the Taua Grande Hotel spa for some R&R, Brazilian-style. The water here is known for its ability to activate the skin's regenerative powers, making it a destination for tourists and locals alike. Read more about the girls' spa trip.
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Ludovic Ismael
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Day 9: Oscar Niemeyer and Local Games
Next, the women explored Brazilia, a striking city filled with beautiful architecture by the famous Oscar Niemeyer as well as an almost futuristic quality. Then, in the outskirts of town, they experienced the local tradition of Capoeira and jousted with young children. Read more about the girls' experience in Brazilia.
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Day 10: Beauty Secrets in Pirenopolis
After noticing signs of fatigue in their appearances, the group decided to indulge in the local beauty routines at a salon in "Piri," as the locals call it. Here, the beautician applied buri, a seed packed with antioxidants and Omega-3s, -6s, and -9s, as well as baru flour, to exfoliate and activate their skin. Read more about the girls' relaxing day at the salon.
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Day 11: Hospitality in the Cerrado
After a long, mud-filled ride to the Cerrado, the girls encountered a tiny town filled with welcoming, warm residents. They were quickly received by the owner of the small Canastra hotel, who set them up with rooms and procured them dinner. Read more about the girls' rough road to the small town.
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Day 12: Bad Weather Turns to Beauty
After a day of terrible weather and uncomfortable travel, the L'équipée girls stumbled across a beautiful, colorful landscape and stunning waterfall near Rondonópolis. Read more about their adventures with bad weather and the much-needed dip in the falls.
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Day 13: Playing Cowgirl in the Pantanal
In the nearby town of Fazenda San Francisco, the girls met up with a local mother and her four daughters, with whom they went cattle-herding on horseback. Later, they canoed across a pristine river surrounded by dense forest, and took in all the region's beauty. Read more about the girls' Pantanal adventures.
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Day 14: A Walk through Wildlife
After a long walk around the grounds on which the girls noticed the locals' respect for all animals and their surroundings, they partook in the local tradition of piranha and caiman fishing. Read more about their wildlife explorations.
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Day 15: The Beauty of the Amazon
After a short flight to the Amazonas capital city of Manaus, the L'équipée girls discovered the intense rainforest humidity as well as an abundance of plants used as natural remedies and insect repellants. They explored the impressive market and spoke to medicinal experts to learn more. Read more about the group's rainforest adventure.
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Day 16: Bathtime and Beauty Rituals
For their last adventure in Brazil, the L'équipée girls swam with dolphins in the mighty river and experienced the local bathtime. Then, they were lucky enough to experience the local makeup ritual of drawing on each others' faces with a traditional red paint in order to express and communicate using their bodies. Finally, the groups says goodbye to the Amazon and the beautiful country as a whole. Read more about their final days discovering beauty.
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