10 Ridiculously Pretty Mermaid Hair Ideas You'll Truly Want to Try

All of the chic, with none of the gaudy.

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There's the bright, neon, tie-dye hair of your Manic Panic and Myspace past, and then there's mermaid hair, a soft mix of teals, purples, violets, and blues, all blended together to look like a mystical, magical watercolor painting on the bottom of the ocean floor.

[contentlinks align='left' textonly='false' numbered='false' headline='Related%20Stories' customtitles='The%2010%20Prettiest%20Ash-Brown%20Hair%20Ideas%20to%20Copy%7CThe%20Latest%20Celebrity%20Hair%20Transformations' customimages='|' content='gallery.4948|gallery.2383'] Sure, the trend may not be doable for the Ruther Bader Ginsburgs of the world, but if you exist in a more-forgiving work environment, or you just DGAF and want some pretty-as-hell waves, give mermaid hair a try at your next appointment.

So to get you in the under-the-sea mood right now, we rounded up the prettiest inspo photos to screenshot and stare dreamily at for the next thousand hours or so. You're welcome.

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1 This teal and aqua faux-hawk

MERMAIDS. ARE. REAL. Or at least mermaid hair is. Gave this lady a fun aqua themed color melt.

A post shared by Demi (@demicoloristmt) on

2 This smoky mix of lilac and terra cotta

* Metallic Muse ... by @tamiramae at @parlour.eleven Using @joicointensity 😍❤ #BEHINDTHECHAIR

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3 This blended violet and aqua perfection

{#VPInspiration} Pretty color match by @kristi.warner😘😘❤

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5 This soft pink, blue, and purple French braid

6 These turquoise, marine blue, and lime curls

7 These faded silvery-pink waves

9 This melted blue and violet fishtail braid

#mermaidhaircolor #hairextensions #boldhaircolors #beautiful

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10 These shimmering purple and bronze waves

Another look at those hidden pops of #purplehaze and rose gold. #modernsalon

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