Would You Get Hair Injections?

Mesotherapy, a technique popular in Europe for firming skin that involves quick, prick-like injections, is now used for stimulating hair growth. (Rumors have attributed Jude Law's apparent thickening to the shots, but his rep wouldn't comment.) By injecting the vitamins or drugs (like prescription Propecia, typically taken orally to lower hair-thinning dihydroxytestosterone levels) directly into the scalp, less medicine is needed than with an oral dose and there are fewer side effects, explains New York City internist Dr. Alexander Kulick, who recommends six to nine treatments ($400 each) every year. While the shots are painful (hundreds are needed to cover the scalp), the results might be worth it.

Want long locks without the needle? The latest hair products borrow from skin creams and lash-growing serums to give you long, lusciously thick locks.

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