Spray-On Blush For Winter Woes

Spray Misty For Me
Svend Lindbaek

You don't have to be a recovering graffiti artist to know your way around a spray can. Anyone who has ever painted a large surface-say, the side of a garage, or a sumo wrestler's thighs with tanning mist-knows that spray's the way to go. But for blush? Another gimmick du jour? After test-spritzing MAC Studio Mist Blush, we're happy to report that we will not be turning the other cheek: It goes on fast and sheer, but not gooey the way cream blush does-and it's not drying, like powder. Furthermore, because the nozzle is so tiny, you can pretty much get it where you want it. Hold the can about 10 inches from your face, aim, and fire. But practice on your hand first! A portion of sales to the American Red Cross to aid others' winter woes.

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