Did MAC & Rodarte Take Their New Collaboration Too Far?

After MAC recently released its new fall line of cosmetics in collaboration with Rodarte, the designers' cringe-worthy references to Mexican female factory workers as "inspiration" has incited quite the backlash. With a nail polish named "Factory" and a lipstick dubbed "Ghost Town," the company has certainly brought attention to the women of Juarez, but seems to tastelessly ignore their plight. Violence against women, such as rape and murder, has been disproportionately rampant in Juarez, a border city, for over a decade. Buckling to the pressure or simply doing what's right (call it what you will), MAC has agreed to donate $100,000 to a female-focused initiative helping women in Juarez. But some beauty bloggers still don't think that's good enough and have started a petition to get MAC to donate all profits from the line. What's your take? Did MAC and Rodarte cross the line?

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