This Is When We Want Scratch-n-Sniff Screens: Rihanna Has Unveiled a *Very* Appropriately Named Perfume

Y'all should know her well enough.

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It was only a matter of time, we suppose. Rihanna just announced her newest fragrance launch on Instagram—and it's unexpected in a so-obvious-it-can't-be way. After 7 other fragrances all titled things like "Rogue" and "Nude" and "Rebelle," this one is titled simply "RiRi" and features a delicate-looking bottle with a glass topper.

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In the post, Rihanna—who looks like a mix of Barbie and a Dynasty character brought to life—shows off the fragrance wearing pink and pearls, leading us to believe this scent will be girly and sweet. (But that's just our assumption.) Just add this to the list of projects she's got going on—including sock designer and flash tattoo co-creator. You know, normal stuff. 

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