Why You *Need* This Best-Selling Stays-Put-Forever Japanese Mascara

Droopy lashes don't stand a chance.

(Image credit: Marie Claire)

If there's a Japanese equivalent to beloved drugstore go-to Maybelline's Great Lash MascaraKiss Me Heroine Long & Curl—it even comes in a pink, albeit muuuch more tongue-in-cheek tube. Wildly popular among Asian women as the holy grail mascara for thin lashes, it creates voluminous, curly, and thick fringe without making them droop. Magic.


(Image credit: PrincessSailorComet)

The secret is a lightweight fiber pigment that basically builds false lashes on the ends of your own. Plus, even as the day wears on, it doesn't budge. And if you're a stickler for brushes, this tube's curved model has *spiraled* bristles to discourage clumping. ::OooOo00oooo::

Alas, manga-worthy lashes will come at a cost, as the formula is notorious for being super tricky to get off—like, a-double-cleanse-doesn't-do-the-trick sort of stubborn. Silver lining: The makers sell a version for a few extra bucks that includes its own heavy-duty makeup remover.

Despite more Asian beauty brands becoming available stateside, the Kiss Me Mascara is really only sold on Amazon (for $14.28) or eBay, but if you're a lash freak in search of next-level fringe, it'll be worth the international shipping rate. Not to mention, if you order it today, chances are you'll have it by 2016. New year, new lashes, eh?

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