Neck Contouring Is Now a Thing, If You Have a Whole Lot of Extra Time on Your Hands

It's not totally crazy—but it's close.


In 2015, we reached peak contour. Or so we thought, until one Instagram user honed in on a whole new body part to shade/feel insecure about: the neck.

The brainchild of beauty vlogger MakeupWearableHairstyle, neck contouring is a "slimming" hack for updos, blending a dark brown contour cream with a light, shimmery highlighter on the nape.

In theory, neck contouring isn't a clown-contour-level crazy concept—but considering the fact that most of us think a symmetrical cat eye is cause for celebration, we're going to leave the applying-makeup-to-the-backs-of-our-heads to the pros.

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