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10 Barrettes for Grown Women

Not a juvenile one in the bunch.
"Barrettes" might remind you of butterfly clips and juice boxes, but these accessories are for Sophisticated Women who Arrange Their Hair. Need ideas? Make a side parting and slide a silver bar in '60s-mod-style. Tuck a cluster of stars into the side of a faux bob. Gather your top layers into a half-up, half-down style and secure with a Céline-esque circle. Convinced yet? Knew it.
A piece of Phoebe Philo for just a little over a tenner. Urban Outfitters circle hair pin, $12; urbanOutfitters.com
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See the totally adult design (and price tag) on this one? It's just begging for a low chignon and something backless. Rosantica Soffioni gold-dipped pearl hair clip, $325; net-a-porter.com
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Twinsets at the ready! J.Crew tortoise twisted-bow barrette, $18; jcrew.com
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So R-O-D-A-R-T-E. Urban Outfitters star cluster hair pin, $10; UrbanOutfitters.com
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You'd have to get pretty close to see the beetles, which either makes it a really good conversation/flirting aid or a really bad one if you've got social anxiety. Mango bug barrette, $9.99; mango.com
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For your next event that only serves tiny food and alcohol. Jennifer Behr gold-tone Swarovski crystal hair clip, $200; net-a-porter.com
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I could totally see this slipped into the back of a soft, wavy 'do for contrast. Because the triangle is the strongest shape, duh. ASOS triangle hair brooch, $14.50; asos.com
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Here's how to make it look decidedly un-teenybopper: Twist hair and clip, leaving the ends out. Alternatively, clip a high pony to your head near the nape of the neck or to the side for a Prada Fall 2015 vibe. Claire's silver bar hair clip; $5.50; claires.com
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Something braid-y for this one, definitely. Bumblebee hair barrette, $35; etsy.com
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Pick up multiple and wear close to the head for a toned-down Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 look. J.Crew wide perforated barrette, $16.50; jcrew.com
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