5 Hot-Weather Makeup Ideas That Look Better When They're Melty

I've officially cracked the code on muggy summer beauty.

Every summer, there's a point where, after sweating through my shirt and watching my foundation slide down my face, I say "screw it." Screw the perfectly smooth hair and the perfectly pressed dress, and most definitely screw the perfectly matte face, with the perfectly applied eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush. When it's hot as hell outside, it's simply not feasible to look like you just stepped out of a photoshoot all damn day.

So to turn the warm, humid weather into a beauty advantage, I searched high and low and found five trending looks that get prettier, sexier, and edgier (yes, all three of those things are possible at once) the more they melt into your skin, along with the best products to help get you there. So please, screenshot these looks, turn off your AC, and get your sweat on.

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