34 Photos That Prove Pink Lipstick Is Just as Timeless as Red

Pinky swear.

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Hot pink. Deep fuchsia. Rose. Bubblegum. These shades have been worn by glamorous women for decades, so why is it the classic red lip that gets all the prestige? To prove that a pink lip can hold its own in a sea of Ruby Woo pouts, we call upon these famous visages.

<p>At her home in California.</p>
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Marilyn Monroe, 1953

At her home in California.

<p>In a studio portrait.</p>
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Elizabeth Taylor, 1955

In a studio portrait.

<p>Posing for a portrait the year she starred in <em>Marriage Italian Style</em>.</p>
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Sophia Loren, 1964

Posing for a portrait the year she starred in Marriage Italian Style.

<p>In a portrait session during season 3 of <em>The Carol Burnett Show</em>.</p>
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Carol Burnett, 1970

In a portrait session during season 3 of The Carol Burnett Show.

<p>In a portrait sesson.</p>
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Twiggy, 1972

In a portrait sesson.

<p>In a portrait session shot by Terry O'Neill.</p>
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Diana Ross, 1973

In a portrait session shot by Terry O'Neill.

<p>At the Wella Luncheon.</p>
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Brooke Shields, 1981

At the Wella Luncheon.

<p>At the <em>At Close Range</em> premiere.</p>
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Sarah Jessica Parker, 1986

At the At Close Range premiere.

<p>At the Bal de La Croix Rouge.</p>
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Stephanie of Monaco, 1987

At the Bal de La Croix Rouge.

<p>At the Billboard Music Awards.</p>
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Courtney Love, 1998

At the Billboard Music Awards.

<p>At the Vogue Fashion Awards.</p>
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Madonna, 1998

At the Vogue Fashion Awards.

<p>At the premiere of <em>Storytelling</em>.</p>
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Selma Blair, 2001

At the premiere of Storytelling.

<p>At the premiere of <em>Gangs of New York</em>.</p>
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Cameron Diaz, 2002

At the premiere of Gangs of New York.

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Charlize Theron, 2007

At the East of Havana premiere.

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Gwyneth Paltrow, 2007

At Comic-Con.

<p>At a screening of <em>Love And Other Possible Pursuits</em>.</p>
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Natalie Portman, 2009

At a screening of Love And Other Possible Pursuits.

<p>At <em>The Tree of Life</em> premiere at Cannes Film Festival.</p>
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Gwen Stefani, 2011

At The Tree of Life premiere at Cannes Film Festival.

<p>At the Bal De La Rose Du Rocher.</p>
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Charlotte Casiraghi, 2013

At the Bal De La Rose Du Rocher.

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Marion Cotillard, 2013

At the Maud Fontenoy Foundation Annual Gala.

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Nicole Kidman, 2013

At The Great Gatsby premiere at Cannes Film Festival.

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Jennifer Lawrence, 2013

At the Jimmy P.premiere.

<p>While filming a music video in Coney Island.</p>
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Beyoncé, 2013

While filming a music video in Coney Island.

<p>At the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.</p>
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Allison Williams, 2014

At the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

<p>At the premiere of <em>The Amazing Spider-Man 2</em><em></em>.</p>
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Emma Stone, 2014

At the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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Helen Mirren, 2015

At a Trumbo press conference.

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Saoirse Ronan, 2015

At the the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' 7th Annual Governors Awards.

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Miranda Kerr, 2015

At a Swarovski press conference.

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Miley Cyrus, 2015

At ONE and (RED)'s "It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Done" event.

<p>At the 2015 Academy Awards.</p>
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Jennifer Lopez, 2015

At the 2015 Academy Awards.

<p>At the 2015 FOX Programming Presentation. </p>
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January Jones, 2015

At the 2015 FOX Programming Presentation.

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