7 Not-Basic Ideas for Keeping Your Hair Off Your Neck

So creative you can pretty much delete "ponytail" from your muscle memory.

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The more you repeat an action, the more automatic it becomes—great for efficiency, bad for not being know as the girl who wears her hair in a progressively more dry-shampooed ponytail every day. Break the cycle with these seven next-level summer up-do ideas, which combine creative styling with heatstroke prevention.

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1 Mixed Double Buns

The better to show off your trendy piercing. To get this clean, cool look, pull the upper third into a ponytail, leaving the ends out, and the remaining two-thirds into a low bun. Easy.

2 Twisted Ends

One for girls who've hopped on the Lob/Chop Express, Jourdan Dunn's rolled-under ends only *look* complicated. Keeping everything low, twist the sides first, pin, then roll the back hair up around the side twists. Points for symmetry. More points for visible finger tracks.

3 Braided Buns 2.0

Something a little different for @graziauk & @johnfriedauk Thank you @roseharrietbeer x #dontcarehair #lukehersheson

A post shared by Luke Hersheson (@lukehersheson) on

So much texture, so much confusion—but we can sort this out. Without assistants and professional hairstyling experience, we reckon you can still get the same effect thusly: center part, twist sides halfway down, pin. Braid from the mid-lengths down, then wrap until the braid folds in on itself. Lots of pins, some tousling, and you're good.

4 Bun Mohawk

What makes this one different from the punk-poseur others you've probably seen on Insta? 1) Adir Abergel made this, and 2) It starts at the crown of the head instead of the hairline. Each section is also clearly demarcated, there's clearly been thought put into balance and proportion, but you could do it more haphazardly and still have it turn out cute.

5 Wet-Look Twisted Pony

Tonight's Look.....#Valentino and Latex ....Can you Guess Who? #HairbyLacyRedway @Maisonvalentino

A post shared by LACY REDWAY HAIRSTYLIST (@lacyredway) on

Pretty self-explanatory and great for morning shower-ers. Pro tip: Work in the best leave-in conditioner for your hair type before you put it up.

6 Hairline Braid, Remixed

If you suffer from bang sweat, upgrade your early 2000s hairline braid so that it curves instead of falling straight along your forehead.

7 Pin Play

Side view. #kristenstewart #hairbyadir #bobbypins #hair #equalsmovie

A post shared by Adir Abergel (@hairbyadir) on

Maybe too editorial for sidewalk-cafe rosé, but for a wedding, definitely yes. Buy a pack of pins, proceed to lose them all to the bobby-pin abyss, pull back one side making sure to overlap so the effect is like branches or Black Swan. Either sweep the ends up into a chignon or keep it loose.

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