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5 Holiday-y False Lashes That Will Earn You *All* the Compliments

Wink, wink.

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For those of us that don't have Violette-levels of makeup brush prowess, holiday makeup looks can be daunting—smoky shadows and loose glitter are not exactly for amateurs. That's why we often look to embellished false lashes for an easy-to-apply flash of color, shine, or sparkle. From Flirt Cosmetics' new Christmas-themed lash buds to a slew of Etsy finds, here are the ornamental falsies we're eyeing for the holiday party circuit.

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1 Red-and-Green Queen

Christmas freaks, these red-and-green buds will look especially festive on the outer corner of the eyes.

Flirt Cosmetics Party Flashes Lash Applicator, $28; flirtcosmetics.com.

2 Ice, Ice Baby

These silver, glitter-dusted wonders are basically icicles in lash form.

SpareChangeVintage False Eyelashes, $8; etsy.com.

3 Star Light, Star Bright

If you want to do the most, holographic-star-encrusted lashes pair nicely with glitter roots.

SparklePigGlitter Holographic Fairy Lashes, $8.35; etsy.com.

4 Technicolor Tinsel

Channel your inner disco ball by reflecting all the light and colors in tinsel-y fashion.

InkedBarbieCosmetics Lightning DreamDoll Lashs, $6.99; etsy.com.

5 Silver and Gold

Everyone wishes for silver and gold...Rudolph taught us.

Ardell Runway Shimmer-Black with Gold Glitter Lashes, $5.25; amazon.com.

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