Battle of the Bellas: Between Her Two Signature Hairstyles, Which Look Wins?

Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

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When Bella Hadid arrived at this year's Met Gala in *that* catsuit with *that* haircut, it was like Gwyneth Paltrow's "awkward" collarbone-tickling chop all over again. Or was it? Because even with her new shoulder-length bob, she's still doing her usual high, face-lifting pony. Here, pick a winner (or just note the differences) in a showdown of side-by-sides.

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Left: Extraordinarily pretty girl who turns heads on the street. Right: Yep, definitely a model, and not the Instagram kind. 

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The same cut with a bit more lived-in texture alongside that pony, which really does demonstrate its cheekbone-sculpting, face-tightening powers, wow. (Notice how the placement of it lines up protractor-perfectly with her cheek for optimum sculpting.) 

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Here, we see her lob at its most styled and her up-do transformed into a topknot with the ends left out. Which evening look gets your vote? 

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A detour to when her hair was long (cute). Same kaiser roll on top of her head (also v. cute). 

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With sunglasses—and a possible risk of traction alopecia

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It all comes down to the vibe she wants to achieve, really. 

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Though, as she proves here, either works for day or night—it all depends on the styling.

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Or evening and evening.

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Day and day. 

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Now, with bangs...that she can still slick back.

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