The 18 Best Subscription Boxes for Women Right Now

Basically a monthly box of joy.

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There are so many subscription boxes out there, it's hard to know where to start. We're talking subscription boxes for makeup, alcohol, books, dog toys—you name it, there's a subscription box for it. Initially beauty-centric, subscription boxes have evolved over the past few years, and now there are niche boxes and services offering weekly, monthly, and quarterly packages for anyone and everyone.

A great gift for yourself or someone else, subscription boxes give you a chance to try out new products and brands that have already been tested and loved, so you know they’re the best. Marie Claire loves a good subscription box, so consider this a gift from us: our round-up of the best subscription boxes for women. Every one is worth more than the subscription cost, and boasts products you’ll want to restock over and over again.


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The Supreme of subscription boxes, Fabfitfun is more than just cosmetic and skincare items. Each box is curated with, yes, beauty items, but also home decor, fitness, wellness, and tech. With each subscription, members get access to FabFitFunTV and can connect online with other members. Brands that have been featured in the boxes include Coach, Wander Beauty, Tula, and more.

The FabFitFun Box is available four times a year for an annual subscription of $180/year or seasonally for $50/box.


Martha Stewart Wine Co.

For Christmas last year, my roommate was gifted a Martha Stewart Wine Co. subscription. This box is every wine lover's dream: a selection of reds and whites chosen from the always classy Martha Stewart. And frankly, if it’s good enough for Martha, it’s good enough for us. The traditional wine club offers 12 wines selected by Martha herself, delivered every 12 weeks, plus an extra wine accessory, like a bottle opener or carafe. First-time subscribers get a special deal of $90 plus tax—if you keep your membership all year, you can also expect a bonus winter and summer shipment.

The Martha Stewart Wine Club is $160 for 12 weeks after the introductory price.



Turn the simple practice of lighting a candle into a monthly ritual of manifestations and reflections with natural scents and sustainable products that provide a sense of serenity. Vellabox works to bring subscribers small-batch handmade natural candles from artisan crafters that highlight the diverse talent and eco-conscious practices. options.

The Vellabox subscription varies based on plan, from $12/month to $29/month.


Beekman 1802

Beekman 1802 is named for the farm located in Sharon Spring, New York. The farm's main supplier is a herd of 130 goats that provide milk for the farm's many products, ranging from cheese to skincare. All the products in its box are customer favorites, with the “good neighbors first” stamp of approval. With natural ingredients and handmade goods, this subscription is mailed four times a year and features seasonal scents to wrap you in a well-deserved hug. 

The Beekman 1802 Seasonal Bounty Tote Subscription is $60/90 days.



An OG in the beauty subscription game, Birchbox was founded in 2010 as a monthly service that offers a collection of four to five beauty products, ranging from indie to luxury brands. The deluxe samples of hair, skincare, beauty, and tools make for an exciting surprise each month, and Birchbox makes sure to take into consideration different hair and skin types. If you’re new to the beauty world, or just looking to try a diverse group of products, Birchbox has something for you. Popular brands featured include amika, Briogeo, Benefit, Sunday Riley, Oribe, and more.

The Birchbox subscription varies, based on plan, from $13/month to $15/month.


Munch Addict

Munch Addict is the ultimate subscription box for the all-day snacker, the late-night muncher, and even the occasional checkout line candy-grabber. With a focus on international snacks, they offer two monthly subscription options and two one-time payment curated boxes. Each box offers a selection of popular international snacks and additional add-ons so you can try sodas and other beverages. Don’t worry, they always offer a guide so you’ll know what you’re about to try (and probably be on the hunt to buy in bulk after).

The Munch Addict Boxes Subscriptions vary from $13/month to a one-time $49 payment.


Bump Boxes

Pregnancy can be magical—but also stressful, especially for first-time parents. Bump Boxes wants to make it easier with boxes that contain five curated items, tailored to your due date. Products include sleep masks, pregnant people-approved skincare, baby clothes, body relaxation tools, and more tokens of comfort. Oh, and you can stay subscribed even after your due date; the Bitsy Box curates items for parents and children up to 3 years old.

The Bump Boxes subscription varies, based on plan, from $36 to $45.



You don’t have to be skincare-obsessed to appreciate the benefits of a relaxing sheet mask session. Facetory offers two subscription options: The 7 Lux Subscription, which contains 7 sheet masks and bonus products; and the Lux Plus Subscription, which features 5-6 skincare products and 5-6 sheet masks. Each month, members are excited to try the newest in K-beauty, and the skin-loving sheet masks that keep skin dewy and hydrated. 

The Facetory 7 Lux Subscription is $20/month and the Lux Plus Subscription is $50/month.



Jewelry is a classic gift if you know the style of the person you’re gifting. If you don't, Rocksbox has you covered with their jewelry rental subscription that sends a personalized box of pieces to their home to try on and experience. Each month, they'll be sent trendy jewelry pieces—and if they fall in love with any of the pieces, they can use the membership credit towards the discounted price of their favorite item. 

The Rocksbox is available monthly for $21/month. 


The Sill

Even if you’re prone to killing the occasional house plant, you can still join the #plantparent life and learn. With new plants delivered monthly, before long you’ll have your very own garden with foliage that thrives in every living situation. Whether that be a shoebox with minimal lighting or large square-footage areas that have sun-soaked spaces, The Sill wants to help you bring the outdoors inside. Ideal for small spaces, the two subscription options are available, one for a plant 4” in diameter or a plant 6” in diameter, with each delivery giving subscribers a ceramic pot and beautiful, easy-to-care-for plant. 

The Sill’s Classic Plant Subscription box is $50/month for small potted plants and $60/month for medium ones.



This quarterly subscription box includes curated home, beauty, lifestyle, and accessory pieces, all crafted with a sustainable and eco-friendly mindset. Past boxes have included a weekender bag, collagen eye masks, a welcome mat, dainty jewelry, and other luxurious products without the big-ticket price. Each season, the box arrives with goods and products you'll want to swap with your non-reusable household items. Oh, and you’ll get 6-8 full-sized products every month, so it’s well worth the price. 

The Alltrue subscription box is $50 per box for an annual membership or $55 billed quarterly. 



A sense of style and interior design go hand and hand, but you don’t have to be an HGTV buff to take your living space from simple to chic. Decorated is a home decor subscription box that sends customers six to eight pieces worth over $200. Basically, you can take the guesswork out of styling your home and not spend thousands of dollars—a win-win. Delivered four times a year, decor items like drink trays, plant display holders, cute signage, and more are curated in the seasonally themed boxes. 

The Decorated Seasonal Stylish Home Decor Box subscription is $75 per box for an annual membership or $80 per box for one-time purchases. 


American Cocktail Club

Remember the early period of the pandemic, where everyone was just mixing drinks and sitting on some form of patio wrapped in a robe and contemplating the future? Too niche? Regardless, American Cocktail Club is here for a good time with two box options—one with and one without alcohol—that contain everything you need to become a mixologist. Boxes have included recipes, ingredients, and fun accessories for drinks like Peach Fizz, Smoky Sidecar, Austin Mule, and many more crafted cocktails. 

The American Cocktail Club subscription varies, based on plan, from 39/month to 55/month. 


The Adults & Crafts Crate

Craft time should be weaved into our everyday life—it's so much more than an activity for elementary school children. Having a creative outlet is an amazing way to take a break from outside stresses while also learning new skills and crafting items you can use in your daily life, or just because it’s fun. Materials and instructions for new crafts are sent every month, with past boxes containing kits for activities like wood burning, candle making, building a small wine case, or mug stand.

The Adults & Crafts Crate subscription is $33/month. 


Hunt A Killer Murder Mystery

True crime podcast lovers, now's your chance to try and solve a case with this subscription service that takes you on a journey through an immersive and puzzle-ridden mystery. The Hunt A Killer monthly membership sends evidence, clues, and case information to subscribers so they can solve a fictional murder before the killer strikes a gain. Each season they provide a new mystery, with developing events to keep the surround-sound experience going. 

The Hunt A Killer member is $30/month plus shipping.



Fresh flowers always have a way of brightening up a room. Maybe you need to leave a heavy hint to a specific someone, or maybe you want to surprise yourself each month with a new bouquet of flowers. Whatever the reason, BloomsyBox offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly subscriptions with beautiful arrangements that’ll make you wonder why you haven’t had a subscription this whole time.

The BloomsyBox Subscription varies—based on plan—from $45/week or $70/month.


Sips by

Picture this: You're wrapped up in a comfy blanket, about to binge-watch the new season of Emily in Paris, a cup of tea in hand. All is good in that moment! Add moments of peace throughout your week with well-deserved tea time and new flavors that Sips by brings you every month. Personalized for each customer, a quick quiz and tea reviews customized a selection of four teas, that make over 16 cups of freshly brewed goodness. 

The Sips by subscription box is $16/month.


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