You wouldn't trust a Porsche to a podunk garage any more than you'd approach Gwyneth Paltrow's face with inferior tools. We asked six of the world's top beauty pros to spill the beans about industry secrets—and the contents of their kits.

Jeff Harris



JOB: Owner of five Boston-area spas and the Gretta Style Studio in Manhattan; haircare consultant for Dove.

CLIENTS: Marcia Cross, Trish McEvoy, Natalie Cole.

"IT" KIT: Trimming shears, tools, and stylers like Bumble and Bumble Shine Spray and Dove Luminizing Mist--plus scented candles and items from her Gretta Luxe clothing line.

TUNE-UP TRICK: Know how high-maintenance you are, and cut accordingly: "If you can't afford the time or money to keep up with a short or heavily layered cut, don't go there."

PIT-STOP PERK: Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo, a liquefied powder that cleans hair and thickens roots. Declares Monahan, "This plus a ponytail gets you through days when you can't wash and condition."



JOB: Makeup artist whose gigs include editorial photo shoots and ad campaigns; makeup consultant for Dior Beauty.

CLIENTS: Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Connelly.

"IT" KIT: Chantecaille Future Skin foundation, Dior shadows and mascara, By Terry shadows and lip glosses, Jurlique Pure Rosewater Spray, Nars The Multiple makeup stick, Paul & Joe Brow Pencil in #2, Kevyn Aucoin Loose Powder, Kanebo La Crème Moisturizer, and a Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

TUNE-UP TRICK: Regular facials! "A beautifully made-up face begins with healthy skin."

PIT-STOP PERK: Chantecaille Future Skin oil-free gel foundation: "Thanks in large part to this, I'm known for achieving glowing, radiant skin."



JOB: Owner of KKG Body Fuel, Inc., a nutrition-counseling practice in Manhattan.

CLIENTS: Eva Mendes, the New York Rangers, socialites.

"IT" KIT: BlackBerry, notebook, photographs of her son Rex, almonds, instant oatmeal, KeriBars, tea, and True Lemon packs to add to mineral water.

TUNE-UP TRICK: The healthiest diets are rarely improvised, says Glassman. "Think ahead and keep healthy snacks on hand whenever lunch may be delayed. Use Sunday afternoon to plan your dinners for the week ahead. And never let yourself get to the 'I'm starving' point: It's too easy to make impulsive, whatever's-there food choices."

PIT-STOP PERK: KeriBars, Glassman's nutrition bars, come in three varieties: apple peanut butter, cherry almond, and strawberry chocolate chip. "You should snack. It keeps your metabolism humming and prevents overeating at meals," she says.



JOB: Owner of the Anastasia Salon in Beverly Hills.

CLIENTS: Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Madonna.

"IT" KIT: Stencils, tweezers, trimming shears, wax and strips, post-wax soothing cream, brow powder, brushes, a highlighting pencil, and brow gel.

TUNE-UP TRICK: Her way with brows is in such demand, she has developed a gel to make it all, well, gel. In a pinch, she confides, petroleum jelly mixed with a little eyeshadow will do. PIT-STOP PERK: Soare is an architect with a special interest in the structure of the face. She has developed brow stencils, available at Sephora, in sets of four to suit many faces, many moods.



JOB: Manicurist to the boldface set with many magazine and ad clients; owner of three Jin Soon Natural Hand and Foot Spas in Manhattan.

CLIENTS: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry.

"IT" KIT: Essie pale pink and nude polishes, Chanel reds and browns, Sally Hansen base and top coats and hand creams, Revlon Enamel Remover, clippers, files, orange sticks, and cotton.

TUNE-UP TRICKS: If you love dark lacquers, keep nails short and apply a shiny top coat twice a week-- deep-colored nail polishes get dull faster.

PIT-STOP PERK: The diamond nail file from her slowly launching own line: "Its microcrystal surface--rather than metal--will shape but not weaken the nail."



JOB: Owner of the Juan Juan Salon in Beverly Hills; color consultant for Logics haircolor.

CLIENTS: Hilary Swank, Julia Roberts, Ashley Judd.

"IT" KIT: Logics haircolor, foils and brushes for highlighting, mixing bowls, combs, clips, a robe, her iPod, and a book of Sudoku to pass the long hours on a movie set.

TUNE-UP TRICK: You should shampoo--but don't use styling products--right before getting highlights, as oily hair and products dull your original color and make it harder for the pro to determine how much and where to lift your shade.

Exception: If you're getting a single process, don't shampoo that day, as it will sensitize the scalp, which means the color application may burn.

PIT-STOP PERK: Color Logics DNA Line. Says Jennifer, "I insist my clients use it to protect the color I've worked so hard to create."

Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

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