Meghan Markle Shared Her "Ideal Food Day" and We Want It All

"God, do I love wine."—Meghan Markle, and also us.

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Ever since Meghan Markle started dating Prince Harry, her penchant for doing random interviews has...let's say, dwindled. But back in ye olden days when Meghan Markle was actively blogging on the now-defunct Tig and promoting her show Suits, she gave all kinds of fun interviews. And we just found one in the deep, dark depths of the internet in which Meghan shares her "ideal food day." It's fascinating, and also delicious.

First up, breakfast, which is "a Clean Cleanse vanilla shake blended with frozen Ontario blueberries." Like, yes, please, we'll have ten.

For lunch, Meghan enjoys "a Niçoise salad and glass of rosé, with some Grey Owl goat cheese and baguette on the side."

But the star's dream dinner really takes the cake: "A leisurely [meal] of seafood and pasta, and a negroni to cap off the night."

We want it all. Oh, and in other news Meghan also shared her preferred drink: "a spicy tequila cocktail, negroni, or good scotch (neat)." More importantly she uttered the sentence, "God, do I love wine." Same.

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