Taylor Swift Packed *So Many* Joe Alwyn References into Her "...Ready for It?" Video

So, safe to say she's into him.


The music video for Taylor Swift's "Ready for It?" is finally here, and it's packed full of references and symbolism...mostly pertaining to her new boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Fans (who, frankly, should really be recruited to the FBI at this point) spent all night deciphering the video, and the shout outs to Joe are plentiful—starting with his name reportedly written in Chinese:

Meanwhile, there's a reference to the year he was born (1991) alongside a nod to the year Taylor was born (1989):

There's also some casual graffiti that says "Joseph" with a halo on top of it.

And finally, she types the number 21 and yup, that's the day of Joe's birthday (February 21).

In conclusion: Taylor Swift is a visual genius.

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