The Top 20 Most-Followed Celebrities on Instagram

The Kardashians rule, but they can't dethrone Queen Bey.

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Celebrities reign on Instagram, to be sure, but who are the most popular? Below is the definitive ranking of the 20 most popular celebs on the social media behemoth. You'll most likely recognize all of them, except maybe the three soccer stars...

20. Demi Lovato, 20.4 million

19. Kourtney Kardashian, 22 million

18. Leo Messi, 22.3 million

17. The Rock, 23.4 million

16. Rihanna, 24 million

15. Jennifer Lopez, 24.8 million

14. Katy Perry, 25.4 million

13. Cristiano Ronaldo, 26.1 million

12. Miley Cyrus, 26 million

11. Khloé Kardashian, 29.1 million

10. Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, 29.4 million

9. Nicki Minaj, 30.9 million

8. Kylie Jenner, 31.8 million

7. Kendall Jenner, 33.8 million

6. Justin Bieber, 35.6 million

5. Selena Gomez, 40.1 million

4. Ariana Grande, 40.3 million

3. Taylor Swift, 41.4 million

2. Kim Kardashian, 42 million

1. Beyoncé, 42.6 million

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