Tina Fey Returned to SNL to Stick It to Sarah Palin, Blizzard Be Damned

The best cold open in months.

New York, like much of the East Coast, came to a standstill yesterday. City buses stopped running at noon. Mayor Bill de Blasio enacted a travel ban at 2:30 p.m. and the MTA ceased all above-ground subway service a few hours later. Broadway went dark. Even some bodegas, the neighborhood bastions of reliability that never, ever, ever close ... closed. But SNL soldiered on. You can imagine the sheer volume of talent that was trapped inside 30 Rock all day yesterday (yes, it sort of sounds like the plot to A Very Murray Christmas). 

As we've said time and again, SNL is at its best when we're in the midst of an election. And the writers are not afraid to call in some ringers when a sketch demands it. Tina Fey resurrected her beloved take on Sarah Palin during her co-hosting gig with Amy Poehler last month, and she was back last night to skewer Palin's meme-generating endorsement of Donald Trump. Great, just when we had RIGHT-WINGIN', BEER-CLINGIN' PROUD CLINGERS out of our head, it comes roaring back. Also, Trump (Darrell Hammond) called Jeb Bush a woman. So there's that.

SNL is taking next week off but will return February 6 with Larry David as host. Yes, that's just days after the Iowa Caucus. You know what that means