Here's How Much Kate Middleton Spent on Her India Tour Wardrobe


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Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, recently wrapped up a seven-day tour of India and Bhutan. She wore 18 different outfits in public and obviously looked fantastic in all of them. 

And thanks to the enterprising people at E! Online, we know how much she spent on this tremendous wardrobe (and personally, I think it was worth it because she looked really good!). Kate mixed fresh new stuff with dependable items she's worn over and over, but all told, according to E!, her week of outfits (the work of 40 different designers) cost over $50,000.

Looking that good doesn't come cheap. Take a look at the graphic below to see how much each outfit cost. (The numbers are a little wonky because how to you calculate the value of a recycled dress or accessory? But anyway, let's go with it.)

My personal favorite looks happened during Kate's time in Bhutan. She looked terrific in her Paul & Joe cape paired with her handwoven Bhutanese skirt, but I also loved how natural she seemed in her hiking outfit. Twelve-year-old boots for the win!

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