Hillary and Bernie Reminisce Over Beers, Then Waltz Into the Sunset in 'SNL' Cold Open

"Remember when I told everyone to stop talking about your damn emails? What a schmuck!"

In what could be the last Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the two decided to make nice and bond over beers, remembering some of their favorite election moments in the show's season finale.

Bernie, who refuses to leave the bar even though it's last call, orders a beer that is "a new brand that people are flocking to, something refreshing and revolutionary," while Hillary opts for "whatever beer no one likes but gets the job done."

After sharing some bittersweet laughs over election moments–"Remember when I told everyone to stop talking about your damn emails? What a schmuck!"–Hillary invites Bernie to dance. Ever the politician, she waltzes him right out the door.

It's a damn shame we have to wait until the fall to watch SNL skewer the candidates again. And it's an even bigger shame that we won't be seeing as much of Larry David. That is, unless Bernie can pull off the upset of a lifetime.