'Suits' Insiders Have Addressed the Rumors of Meghan Markle's Return to the Show

Will Rachel Zane be back on your screens?

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Yesterday, the world became a little bit brighter when it was reported that Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle was considering the possibility of returning to her acting career, for a one-night-only, old-times-sake, do-it-for-charity reprise of her most famous TV role.

While there’s still sadly no word on whether she’ll ever open another Deal or No Deal suitcases again, the Mail Online claimed that NBC were eagerly hoping to tempt the Duchess of Cambridge into making one last appearance as Rachel Zane in her old show, Suits. It was thought that NBC had offered millions of dollars to the ex-actress, in exchange for a quick, two minute cameo to be shot in England.

Apparently, Meghan, a proud supporter of a selection of good causes, was tempted by the chance to donate a multi-million dollar check to charities of her choice.

But, maybe don't get your hopes up. It’s probably time we all accepted the fact that Meghan’s acting days are firmly behind her, and Rachel Zane is gone forever. Sorry ‘bout it. According to an alleged insider working on Suits, the entire story was completely fabricated earlier this week, and there are “no plans” to bring the Duchess back to Suits—even for a fleeting 60 seconds.

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The alleged Suits source told HarpersBazaar.com: “The show has not made a multi-million dollar charity donation offer to Meghan to return for a cameo. There are no plans for her to return to the show.”

Well, it doesn’t get much clearer than that.

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Instead, we’ll have to settle for Meghan’s latest throwback to her acting days—a new position as patron of London’s National Theatre. It’s not exactly an exciting, unexpected return to an addictive corporate lawyer TV drama, but we'll take what we can get at this point.

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