Meghan Markle and Kate Middle Have Reportedly "Strengthened" Their Relationship

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    • After photos of the duchesses at Wimbledon made the rounds, experts and royal sources agreed that the women's friendship has "strengthened."
      • A report from People suggests that motherhood has brought Meghan and Kate closer together.

        Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have never been closer, apparently.

        After endless months of speculation that they were "feuding," the royal watching (and royal over-analyzing) public seems to have reached a consensus on the state of Meghan and Kate's relationship, and that consensus is that things are good.

        Which, like, duh. The Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex put the feud rumors to rest with their recent Wimbledon outing, at which they were photographed smiling, laughing, leaning in close to each other, and generally being best friend-y.

        According to a report from People, motherhood might have played a role in Kate and Meghan becoming closer than ever.

        "There is a sense of [Meghan and Kate’s] relationship strengthening," a source told the magazine. "They’re each a little more relaxed. They have more in common now."

        Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter, whose father Dickie Arbiter was a press spokesman for Queen Elizabeth, went a step further, directly crediting the birth of Archie Harrison with bringing the duchesses together.

        "It illustrated a warm relationship between these women who have young babies and are in similar situations in their lives," she said of the Wimbledon pics.

        So does this mean the feud rumors can finally stop for good?

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