'Suits' Just Made a Not-So-Subtle Joke About Meghan Markle

Meghan's onscreen husband returned with an update.

Suits - Season 7
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Guys. Suits has jokes now! Meghan Markle might not be on USA's Emmy never-nominated-but-God-knows-they-try show, but they certainly haven't forgotten that she left them to become a casual Duchess.

Meghan's character, Rachel, was written out of the show along with her husband Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) when they moved to Seattle in order to start their own law firm. But! This week's episode saw Mike return and give everyone an update on how Rachel's doing. To quote: “If I told you how good, you probably wouldn’t believe me.”

Get it? 'Cause she's a duchess?

If you need convincing that this is most definitely a reference to Meghan giving up acting to become a member of the royal family, the Suits Twitter account posted this cheeky tweet: “Turns out Rachel is doing REALLY well."

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I mean, this is so cute. Someone please convince Meghan to make a guest appearance on Suits, thx.

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Mehera Bonner
Mehera Bonner

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