Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Will *Not* Be Visiting the Queen at Balmoral, in Case You Were Wondering

The queen offered them an invitation, but they declined. 👀

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Please allow me to fill you in on the royal tradition of visiting Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Balmoral Castle (opens in new tab). First of all, what is it??? Balmoral is basically the equivalent to your richie-rich friend’s swanky summer house in the Hamptons, except it’s a castle in Scotland that belongs to the British royal family. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip go there for a vacation each year to get away from all the stress that comes with being a monarch. The castle sits on a sprawling green estate and is very nice, but you already knew that!

Following the tradition, the queen invites royal family members to pay her and Prince Philip visits. Prince William (opens in new tab) has been there, Kate Middleton has been there, it’s great, TBH. I mean, would you decline an invitation to a castle?? Probably not, but Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just did. What rebels!

According to People (opens in new tab), Meghan and Harry have declined Queen Elizabeth’s invitation to Balmoral Castle this year, but it isn’t necessarily because they wanted to, okay?? I’m sure they’d LOVE another vacation right now. But in case you haven’t noticed, Meghan and Harry have been very busy lately. In addition to taking care of their 4-month old son, baby Archie Harrison, they have a bunch of other duties that need to be taken care of. Here’s exactly what these busy royals have on their plate rn:

...and that’s literally just this month. With everything going on right now, a trip to Balmoral Castle doesn’t seem to be very practical at the moment! But hey, there’s always next year, right? You know, if the queen isn’t feeling salty that they declined her invite.

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