Kim Kardashian's Kourtney Impression on 'SNL' Was Seriously Spot-On

The Kourt is in session.

Kim Kardashian
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If you spent any time at all on the internet this past weekend, you probably heard that Kim Kardashian West hosted Saturday Night LiveHer opening monologue was incredibly savage—touching on everything from Kanye West's divorceable personality to her family's history with O.J. Simpson—but that wasn't KKW's only opportunity for comedy that night.

Kardashian also starred in several of SNL's signature skits, including one where she played the role of her older sister, Kourtney. In the segment, titled "The People's Kourt," Kardashian wore shoulder-length straight hair and judge's robes, and liberally wielded a gavel while speaking in her sister's infamous drawl. Her impression was entirely spot-on.

The skit was a promo video for a spoof show where "Kourtney" would judge on cases involving her drama-prone family. Kris Jenner and Khloé Kardashian made guest appearances, submitting their cases to the court. The Kardashian clan's resident mom-ager sued Kylie and Kendall Jenner (played by SNL cast members)—the former for not having given birth already, and the latter for never causing drama. When Kendall riposted, "I'm a Jenner, not a Kardashian," Kris clapped back, "and that's something you need to work on, honey." Kim/Kourtney chimed in with a well-timed, "ew, this is so cringe."

Amid the various cases, the judge took a break to sit on an actor playing Travis Barker's lap, when they talked about what they would do to each other later and called each other "babe" and "baby" approximately 600 times. She also brought in her good friends Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (actors, again) just to watch them touch tongues for a bit, as they do.

All in all, some solid comedy from Kim.

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