Lady Gaga Stops ArtRave Fight Using Mom Psychology

She'll be telling us to eat our broccoli next.

lady gaga artrave
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Little Monsters and toddlers mad with Caprisun-lust lining up for snack time: What's the difference, really?

During a concert in Antwerp, Lady Gaga tossed a flag-like object to the rabble, and then proceeded to pull out the oldest trick in the maternal book when her figurative children started to tussle. "If you fight, you don't get to keep it," said Gaga, who, when you think about it, was both the instigator and resolver in this case.

A mother's love is stronger than her desire to keep the peace, however, and the well-equipped future parent closed with this: "Here we practice love. And don't worry—I still love you."

Watch the incident unfold below:

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