Kim and Kanye Are Going to Live in a Ridiculously Huge Mega-Mansion, Because Of Course They Are

They just bought the property next door to their already giant home.

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Kim Kardashian is finally going to move out of Mom's house–and her starter pad with Kanye and North is going to be gigantic. 

The family was already planning to move into a $20 million mega-mansion in California's Hidden Hills, and now they've purchased the house next door for $2.9 million, real estate site Trulia reports. Combined, the two properties will make up 4.5 acres in the same neighborhood as matriarch Kris Jenner. 

The property's real estate listing shows an old-looking home that doesn't seem fit for a couple that hand-engraved guests' names onto their wedding tables, so it seems likely they'll tear it down. Here's a look, via Zillow

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Once the building is demolished, the land will go with their outrageously ornate mansion, which already features two swimming pools, a rose garden, and even its own vineyard. 

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With the new property, TMZ reports the couple is planning on building a basketball court, a spa, a full movie theater, and a recording studio so Kanye doesn't have to travel to make his music. (Or maybe so that Kim can make another hilariously bad dance track.)

If you've got Kimye money, why not buy the neighbors' house? It will afford them more privacy from the paparazzi and you just know Kidchella is going to be out of control next year.