This Little Girl Is NOT Impressed with Kate Middleton

"Unhand me, strange woman!"

Little girl crying in adult's arms as she meets Kate Middleton
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At the same sailing event to which she wore one half of a his-and-hers matching fleece set (opens in new tab), Kate Middleton had a run-in with an attendee unlike any she's ever had before. There was terror. There was unadulterated revulsion. There was the deadliest side-eye the world has ever known.

Little girl now crying more intensely on meeting Kate Middleton.


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Little girl is now appears unsure as Kate Middleton touches her hair.

*tries to decide if a duchess touching her hair is tolerable*

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The little girl is now in floods of tears again as Kate Middleton backs away to give her space.

It isn't.

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Oh well, Kate. You can't win 'em all.

Kate Middleton walks away looking defeated.

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