Your Future Child Could Eat Baby Food Made by Kate Middleton

Mushed bananas by The Duchess = only acceptable food from now on.

Kate Middleton
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Good news, people who have babies/are babies: Kate Middleton might be getting into the mushy food business. The Duchess is reportedly so taken with making homemade meals for children, that she and her sister, Pippa Middleton, are considering a line of organic pint-sized baby food. 

Vanity Fair (opens in new tab) reports that Kate and Pippa have been busily making smoothies in "Kate's country kitchen" (we want to go to there), using her home-grown fruits and vegetables. "Kate prepares all of Prince George's meals and she has been blending fruits and vegetables grown at Anmer for Princess Charlotte," says a source. "She and Pippa are thinking about launching their own line of organic baby food as well as a range of nourishing ready meals for adults."

The line is in its early stages, but both Pippa and Kate are "really into organic produce," so get excited. Plus, Pippa just completed a course in food nutrition, which means she's basically a farmer. 

"Kate has weaned two babies, and she keeps saying there is a gap in the market for home-grown, organic baby food," the source explains. 

Considering that Prince Charles owns a line of organic groceries called Duchy Originals (um, amazing), this seems like the best idea of all time.

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Mehera Bonner
Mehera Bonner

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