Tina Fey, Friend of the Year, Saved Amy Poehler from Having to Talk to Donald Trump

What a champ.

Tina Fey
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When Lorne Michaels lured her out of her house with the promise of work (which was actually a roundabout way of inviting her to attend the Adele concert that even made Adele cry (opens in new tab)), Tina Fey probably thought she and her fellow sexy 40-something Amy Poehler (opens in new tab) were in for a lovely evening. Then they turned around and saw Donald Trump.

And while Tina didn't have the guts to say "You leave the Mexican people alone!" to his face for fear their shared baby nurse would disapprove, she *did* have the balls to not rat out her Sisters costar to the Donald, who didn't recognize Amy with her red hair (opens in new tab).

Watch Tina tell the story above, then scroll back down for her Sofia Vergara impression. You will scream. 

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Chelsea Peng
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