Hold Up, Wait a Minute: Kanye West Just Changed the Name of His Album

See you never, Swish.

Kanye West
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Please say a little prayer for Swish, because it's been cruelly cast aside like most of Kim Kardashians pre-Kanye wardrobe. Henceforth, Swish (or rather, FKA Swish) will be referred to as Waves, per Kanye West's announcement on Twitter.

The rapper also posted an updated track list to drive home the point, wherein he's eloquently crossed out Swish and scribbled Waves on a piece of notebook paper. (Haha at Kylie Jenner writing "Kylie Was Here," and Kim Kardashian helpfully adding "Kim Never Left.")

The sisters were in the studio with Kanye during the final state of production for Waves, which will reportedly debut on the same day as his Yeezy Season 3 presentation at New York Fashion Week on February 11. Please mark your calendars and prepare your life for lots of humble-bragging from our future POTUS.

Kanye West

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