Rihanna Postpones 'Anti' World Tour, Everyone Breaks Out Their Cry-Face Emojis

RiRi giveth and RiRi taketh away.

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Remember when you waited thousands of years for Rihanna to drop Anti, and by the time she did you had developed an entire new set of wrinkles? And then Rihanna was supposed to perform at the 2016 Grammy Awards, but she was like "FALSE, bye!" 

Well, it's happening again.

The Anti World Tour was ostensibly supposed to kick off next weekend in San Diego, but there's a fun new twist. Rihanna pushed back her start date to March 12 in Jacksonville, Florida, re-scheduling eight shows in the process. (Stops in San Jose, Phoenix, Texas, New Orleans, and Atlanta will now take place in May.)

The singer's reps are citing "production delays" as the reason for the tour's setback, which is *hopefully* code for "we're secretly convincing Drake to get on board." 

Honestly, this will all be worth it if we get to hear him rap "I spilled all my emotions tonight, I'm sorry" in real life.


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