Lady Gaga Wears Wedding Band, World Is All "What Do You Mean?"

Guess the paparazzi's invitation got lost in the mail.

Lady Gaga
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Lady Gaga celebrated her 30th birthday over Easter weekend, which was exciting for many reasons, including but not limited to a) Taylor Swift's sparkling onesie (opens in new tab), and b) the fact that Gaga was wearing a wedding band.

Now, as anyone who's familiar with Gaga's finger-claws knows, she typically wears a giant heart-shaped diamond engagement ring from her fiancé, Taylor Kinney. But Gaga seems to have exchanged her ice for a simple gold band, which sent the internet into a wedding-induced tailspin (opens in new tab)

Neither Gaga nor Taylor have commented on their marital status, but if the above photos aren't enough to convince you that Gaga got married, please take a look at Taylor's finger and note that he's also wearing a band. 

The plot thickens.

Blonde woman saluting

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