Lady Gaga Has the Perfect Response to Dr. Luke Nixing Kesha's Billboard Performance

Can't go wrong with a Disney villain reference.

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In an unsurprising yet epically disappointing turn of events, Kesha has been uninvited from performing at the Billboard Music Awards (opens in new tab). Why? Because Dr. Luke's record label, Kemosabe, shut her down following rumors that her performance would be a "statement." But here's the thing (actually, things):

  • Kesha was simply going to perform a Bob Dylan cover that had zero to do with her case against Doctor Luke (who she's accused of sexual and emotional abuse).
  • Silencing a woman who claims she was assaulted is dangerous, wrong, and sends a terrible message to other victims who too often fear speaking out. 

The folks at Billboard seem hopeful that Kesha and Kemosabe will work it out, and in the meantime, Lady Gaga is making her voice heard while her friend's is being silenced.

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Ditto to all of this, and high-five for that flawless Little Mermaid reference. Here's to hoping we see Kesha kill it during May 22's awards show.

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