PSA: Kate Middleton Is Just as Obsessed with Adult Coloring Books as You Are

Duchesses! They're just like the rest of us.

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Adult coloring books are a total *thing* right now, and frankly we're here for it. Because who says kids are the only ones who enjoy spending hours obsessively doodling? No one, that's who—just ask Kate Middleton, President of the Adult Coloring Fan Club.***

***This is not a real thing.

New information has come to light about Kate's hobbies, and apparently coloring books (sorry, "colouring-in books") are one of them—at least according to Prince William, who just presented illustrator Johanna Basford with an Order of the British Empire.

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"I think we've just seen the coloring community flourish," Basford told the Press Association. "And Prince William actually said that his wife likes to color in the Secret Garden, which was really sweet...So maybe she's a fan of my work."

So glad to know Kate is in touch with her inner child.

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