Good News: The Man Harassing Ariana Grande Just Plead Guilty

He was sending her Yankee Candles and pumpkins, among other things.

Ariana Grande on stage
(Image credit: Getty Images)

2016 has featured more than the usual amount of celebrity women being stalkedassaulted, and harassed—and more often than not, nothing is done about it. But in a surprising win, the man harassing Ariana Grande has reportedly copped up to his behavior.

Timothy Normandin, 31, plead guilty to criminal harassment after being accused of sending Grande a series of strange gifts—including a 42-pound pumpkin, eight Yankee Candles, and a rock. He's also said to have traveled to New York and Connecticut in the hopes of talking to the pop star.

A judge has ordered Normandin to continue counseling, as a court clinician ascertained that he has delusional disorder as well as several other mental health issues.

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