Surprise! Serena Williams Is Engaged

Williams has new bling to add to all her trophies.

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Serena Williams has met her match! Williams is engaged to Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit. Surprisingly for a tech-y couple, Williams and Ohanian have kept their love on the DL and off social media. Unsurprisingly, Williams announced the news in the cutest/most tech-y way possible: with a poem on Reddit.

"I came home. A little late. Someone had a bag packed for me. And a carriage awaited. Destination: Rome," the tennis star wrote. "To escort me to my very own 'charming.' Back to where our stars first collided. And now it was full circle. At the same table we first met by chance. This time he made it not by chance. But by choice. Down on one knee. He said 4 words. And I said yes."

To add to the overall swoon-factor of this engagement saga, Ohanian commented on the Reddit post saying, "And you made me the happiest man on the planet."

All together now: awww!

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