'SNL’s "Come Back Barack" Is the Breakup Song 2017 Needed

"We didn’t know just what we had, now things are looking bad. Like really bad, like nuclear bad, like world-war bad.”

For the 54% of Americans who didn't vote for Donald Trump, Barack Obama's leaving the White House felt like a bad breakup—a sudden, humiliating separation that's left us feeling vulnerable and bereft. Finally, thanks to Saturday Night Live, that breakup has a soundtrack, in the genre heartache knows best: '90s R&B.

Host Chance the Rapper joined cast members Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd to form De-Von-Tre, a perfect throwback to groups like Boyz II Men and Jodeci, right down to the generously wide-legged matching suits. And their crooning is directed squarely at one man who's very much missed around the world: President Obama.

"So come back Barack, even though it's not allowed," they sing. "We want you back somehow." Amen to that.