Natalie Portman Killed It on 'SNL' with a 'Star Wars' Rap, and the Return of Jackie O

And her impression of Eleven from 'Stranger Things' was incredible.

Natalie Portman as Eleven in Stranger Things and as Jackie O on SNL
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Natalie Portman returned to Saturday Night Live yesterday and performed in a plethora of brilliant sketches.

From resurrecting her performance as Jackie O and showing up at the White House to advise Melania Trump, to donning her Queen Amidala Star Wars costume to deliver an offensive rap, Portman didn't hold back.

Here are some of her best SNL sketches:

1. Natalie's 2nd Rap.

For fans of 2013's Natalie Raps, the Oscar winning actress revives her bad-mouthing, pot-smoking, extremely violent, alternate persona. With a cameo by Andy Samberg, Portman's rap reprise is nothing short of hilarious:

2. Stranger Things 3.

Portraying the role of Eleven, Portman demonstrated what *might* happen in the third season of Stranger Things:

3. Also starring Tina Fey.

SNL stalwart Fey returned to the show to help mock the Super Bowl, along with Portman, Andy Samberg, and Rachel Dratch:

4. Advising the First Lady.

Portman donned a Jackie O outfit to advise Melania Trump, along with Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton:

5. Alien Lover.

In which Portman falls in love with an alien who has a butt for a face and a face for a butt. And she somehow managed to not burst out laughing:

6. Bunny.

Portman takes relationship advice from a strange woman in a bar, who happens to be a seasoned catfish:

7. Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Orange Carpet.

In which Portman becomes a seriously convincing children's TV presenter. Her facial expressions are magic:

8. Natalie's Monologue.

The last time Portman hosted SNL was in 2006, but you wouldn't believe that:

Portman fit in perfectly at SNL, and hopefully it won't be long until she returns to the stage for more perfectly timed skits.

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