The Best Reactions to the 'Bachelor' Ending Nobody Saw Coming

"When her words say 'I’m confused' but her eyes say 'help me.'"

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Tonight, Chris Harrison's prophecy that this season of The Bachelor would be the most dramatic yet actually came true. In a super unexpected turn of events, Cassie, one of the final three contestants, and, it turns out, the one that Colton is actually in love with and would have gotten down on one knee to propose to despite the fact that her father hadn't given his blessing, realized she loved Colton, but wasn't in love with him.

She decided she was going to leave the show, but then, when it came to breaking up with Colton, couldn't decide what she should do. In the end, she did leave, telling Colton she hopes he finds someone who loves him fully on her way out, which led to that highly anticipated Fence Jump. It was all a LOT.

Here, the best Twitter reactions from tonight's episode of The Bachelor:

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