The 'Gilmore Girls' Cast Theorize on the Show's Final Four Words

"Kirk is your overlord."

It's almost time to simultaneously binge on Thanksgiving food and the Gilmore Girls revival, which means fans are finally about to find out what Amy Sherman-Palladino's final four words of the series are.

People have been speculating for years about the highly anticipated quote, and the cast of Gilmore Girls have a few thoughts. Luke, Paris, and Kirk (AKA Scott Patterson, Liza Weil, and Sean Gunn) made an appearance on The Tonight Show, and put forth the following theories:

Gunn: "Kirk is your overlord."

Patterson: "Drop the gun, Kirk."

Fallon: "Stars Hollow never existed."

👏 👏 👏 all around.

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Also, totally here for "drop the gun, Kirk."

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