This Tumblr Calls Out the Lack of Diversity on 'Gilmore Girls'



Gilmore Girls is by and large the coziest and most comforting show you will ever watch, but it's also been criticized for its lack of diversity—particularly when it comes to men and women of color. Basically, Stars Hollow is pretty damn white, and continues to be so—even in the Netflix revival.

Which brings us to Gilmore Blacks, a poignant Tumblr account that points out every black character in the show, and whether or not they're given a name/dialogue. Their mission statement? "The black actors of Gilmore Girls rarely get to speak. Except here."

The entire blog is worth a scroll through if you want to realize just how relegated to the sidelines people of color are on Gilmore Girls, but here are some key moments:

Check out the full blog here.

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