Happy National Macaroon Day!

Those little pastries are hard to resist. Enjoy them calorie-free with MOR Lip Macarons, lip glosses that have Elizabeth Dehn swooning.

Today is National Macaroon Day, not to be confused with National Macaron Day, which was May 20. The former contain shredded coconut and are sometimes dipped in chocolate (think Passover); the latter ground almond flour. I prefer the taste of macaroons, but it's pretty, pastel macarons that make me swoon. If you've been to Pierre Hermé (opens in new tab) in Paris or Ladurée (opens in new tab) on Madison Avenue, then you know: They're love at first sight.

Thankfully, you don't have book a flight or consume a single calorie to get the same aesthetic satisfaction. MOR Lip Macarons (opens in new tab) ($10) resemble the French pastry in their decadent little tins, but instead of ganache, they contain delicately glossy lip balm. While I'm tempted to collect all nine sweet scents, including the regal rosebud, it's more likely that they'll serve as small but luxurious tokens of gratitude for friends and hostesses alike.

Elizabeth Dehn is the editor-in-chief of Beauty Bets (opens in new tab), an award-winning blog chock-full of product reviews, wellness tips, and DIY ideas.