MC Cheatsheet: Christian Siriano to Design ... Sponges?

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Katie: "Christian Siriano designs household cleaning sponges. What's next? Tampons?" The Frisky

Lauren: "Did I sneak away from the office to catch the second half of the US/Algeria game today? Yes. Yes, I did. Will my boss be reading this post? Who cares?! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" SoccerNet

Brad: "And you thought the guys from Jersey Shore were plastic!" Lemondrop

Jessica: "Yes, Courtney Love is totally batshit. But also, we suspect, a national treasure of sorts." Jezebel

Sophia: "I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at pictures of other people's weddings (so call me voyeuristic). I've always wanted to go to a full-out Indian wedding bash, and until I'm invited to Delhi, I'll have to settle for this gorgeous gallery from StyleMePretty." Style Me Pretty

Jihan: "I'd join a cooking co-op, but I don't even know where I'd begin looking for people to do it with me. Here are some people who did it and saved quite a chunk of change in the process." NY Times

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