MC Cheatsheet: Flight Attendant Makes Quitting Look Cool & Engagement Rage Lives On

Peter Beavis/Riser

Koryn: "An irate flight attendant tells passengers to 'fu** off' over the PA system, grabs two beers, pops the emergency slide and takes off. Take that, Jerry McGuire." WSJ Metropolis

Sophia: "It's summer wedding season, so this is inevitable: What I like to call 'engagement rage' strikes again, mid-wedding reception!" The Frisky

Jihan: "Could you really live on 100 things or less? Yes, if it doesn't include the clothes." Lemondrop

Erin: "Katy Perry managed to hit all the prom-queen-goth-kid-nerd-alert stereotypes with her many costume changes from last night's Teen Choice Awards." StyleList

Anna: "If you are rich and have kids who are really, really good at coloring, Hermès has just the thing for you." The Cut

Kate: "In case you thought Eat Pray Love was about finding yourself and freeing yourself from all this wonky American consumerism, you haven't seen the way-cool movie merch available on the Home Shopping Network!" Racked

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