Madrid Fashion Week Rundown

First of all, yes, Madrid does have a fashion week, and, no, you shouldn't feel guilty about not knowing about it. For those of us outside of Spain, we hear very little about Cibeles. In the fashion world it's: NEW YORK! MILAN! PARIS! But Madrid? Not so much. Yet the truth is that there are some excellent designers in Spain, and since I was already in London, I decided to fly over to Madrid to see what Cibeles was all about.

First of all, I must admit that I love Spain, a fondness that began when I lived in Madrid for three months after graduating college. At the time, I knew very little about the country. But after weeks of traveling, visiting the cathedrals, interacting with the people, and of course enjoying the fine wine and jamon, I fell in love. Now, I go to Spain any chance I get, and so, if I must tell the truth, I went to Madrid Fashion Week for a mix of business and pleasure.

All the shows were fun, but there were two that stood out for me: Miguel Palacio (pictured above, left and right) and Adolfo Dominguez (pictured above, center). They were by far the strongest collections, and these are my favorite looks from them.

Me with Miguel Palacio.

Me with Tiziana and Adriana Dominguez, plus their muse and my best friend, Vega Royo-Villanova.

Me in front of Marie Claire Espana. There was a billboard at the Cibeles tents, so I asked my friend to take a pic of me in front of it. Then, all these people saw that I was taking a picture there, and they decided to do it, too! So funny... I guess they thought it was the thing to do.

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