Angela Lindvall's Eco Jewelry Collection for John Hardy Launches Today on QVC

Time and time again, top models have tried their hands at other fields of work with varying degrees of success. Some ventures are well-thought out and successful — Kate Moss's Top Shop collab, Cindy Crawford's furniture line for JC Penney — and others thankfully fall by the wayside. (Anyone remember Naomi Campbell's music career? Yeah, me neither.) Thankfully for us, Angela Lindvall's foray into jewelry falls into the former category.

After more than a decade in the biz, Lindvall aptly uses her experience in the fashion industry to create paired down, delicately engraved silver pieces. And, as an avid environmentalist who even lived on a tugboat (yes, a tugboat!) filled with sustainable products for a time, Angela for John Hardy Collection is made entirely of recycled silver. The pieces are also affordable, ranging from about $79 to $500 for the larger items. The collection becomes available today at midnight, 2 p.m., and 8 p.m. (EST) exclusively on QVC. So, get ready to place your orders!

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