Dress Code: Hannah Simone

New Girl costar Hannah Simone offers a glimpse inside her stylish life.

Hannah Simone
(Image credit: Dan Monick)

Hannah Simone

AGE: 33. PROFESSION: Actress. HOMETOWN: Born in London but have lived in Cyprus, Canada, India, and Saudi Arabia. My family moved to a different country every three years when I was little. CURRENT RESIDENCE: L.A. SENSE OF STYLE: Maybe it's because of my nomadic childhood, but it's always evolving and adapting. I'm really open to new things. EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN: A long, oversize cardigan. MY DAY-TO-DAY UNIFORM: A maxi dress with sandals or ballet flats. VICE: I put bags inside of bags inside of bags like Russian nesting dolls. @hannahsimone

—Jessica Minkoff

THE STILETTOS: These Christian Louboutin shoes are gorgeous. They dress up a simple outfit instantly.

THE NOTEBOOK: My best friend quit her job and sailed across the Atlantic for six months. Before she left, she wrote a captain's log from the future. It's the most thoughtful, funny, creative gift I have ever received.

THE JEWELS: This tray on my nightstand holds my jewelry when I take it off before bed. The rings and necklace are from my German-Italian grandmother.

THE ART: I found this painting the first time I went to the Melrose Trading Post in L.A. It was the first piece of art that I bought for my apartment.

THE PUMPS: I love going hunting at vintage flea markets. I bought these with my mom in Paris— they looked like magical Wizard of Oz shoes.

Photographs by Dan Monick

Fashion editor: Zanna Roberts Rassi